Welcome to Kinfolk, where everyone is a part of the family.  We believe that one of the most important places you’ll ever spend your time is in your home and at the end of the day, your home needs to be a place that works well for your life and reflects the things you love. That’s why we want to help you design a life and a home that you are incredibly proud of.

When we were first giving “legs” to our business, we were challenged by two basic questions…

What causes people to flourish and thrive?”

”Can design make life better?

When we became parents, we were challenged to think even more intentionally about our home. Some of the most important memories, skills, life lessons, and moments would be happening within the walls around us. We needed to make sure that we were creating an environment where our whole family would be able to thrive.

As we started making more adjustments and renovations to our home, we started to experience the impact that design was having on our family as a whole. Simple additions were changing the way that we interacted with one another and changing how we felt in our home! (Read more about “The Table” here). This made us think a bit deeper about the importance of design in home improvements; making sure that your space is not only a place that you love, but is also a space that works well for your whole family.

And while we won’t always know what brought you to Kinfolk, we are so glad you’re here and hope you find ways that we can serve you as you begin to dream bigger about your space and the story you are writing within your home.