With this being one of our first "renovations", I've definitely been learning a thing or two about taking photos, keeping track of progress, etc.  However, I did manage to pull a few from our listing and a few old photos from Dillon's phone to give you a glimpse of what this baby looked like before, and to showcase a few of the changes we've made.

When we first looked at this house, I immediately knew that I wanted this space to become a nursery.  It only had one window, meaning that during the day, the light is minimal (perfect for naps).  The location of this room is also perfect as it is right next to what we have deemed the master.  As I continue to post before and after photos of our house, you'll notice the copious amount of paneling.  In some locations, we are completely removing the paneling, but for this space we chose to leave the wall as is and simply painted it to match the other walls.

Nursery (Before).png

I knew I wanted a paint color that was fairly neutral and opted for (what I thought was) a light gray.  However, when the paint actually hit the walls, it appeared more blue than gray and though I kept telling myself it didn't matter and the baby wouldn't care, I just couldn't get past the sky blue walls.  Plus, I was spending a lot more time in that room than I initially realized with diaper changing, feeding, etc., and I needed to change things up.  These next few photos are from the first time we painted the room, and without the new trim.


So we painted again and absolutely love the color!  The walls are Icy Avalanche by Sherwin Williams.  Dillon also patched and painted the ceiling as there was slight water damage from a previous leak in the room and he also completely remodeled the trim and put on new closet doors as well as a new bedroom door, painted in Sherwin Williams Bright White.


The main focal piece for the color scheme was the wall hanging found at HomeGoods. I knew I wanted to stick with a Blush, Gray, Copper theme as it is slightly feminine, but also very classic and can be slightly modified as Nora grows older.  Finding cohesive copper or rose gold pieces was proving to be a bit difficult, so several pieces have been spray painted with Valspar Metallic Matte in Rose Gold to tie in with the wall piece and add additional character to the room.


This room was definitely a labor of love, especially since 90% of the changes were made after we had Nora.  But it turned out to be a beautiful space and a proud first project that we were able to work on together.  Excited to show you more changes we're making!

Ashley Sider