Entryway Table

Each year around the beginning of November we begin to think through Christmas ideas for friends and family.  The question we use as an impetus for gift-giving is "What would this person enjoy that they might not ordinarily do for themselves?"  It might be an object or an experience, but each time we try to think through the ways in which we can effectively communicate to the people we love that we know them, we listen to them, and we value them.

So this year, Dillon and I decided that it would be fun to make my parents a custom furniture piece for their home.  They had talked about wanting a table for their entryway, as the space is oddly defined, and therefore wouldn't fit most pieces found at chain stores.  This way they were able to choose their design and Dillon would be able to make sure it fit their space perfectly.  As you can see, it is a great addition to their foyer and will be a fun piece to adorn based on the time of year and season being celebrated.

Ashley Sider