Early on in my parenting journey, I found myself struggling with the dilemma that most people likely struggle with. I wanted to have pictures of my family, but our house was a work-in-progress and I struggled with having a “photogenic” life. Sound familiar? But then, I had a vivid image of my life 10 years down the road, with my daughter asking for photos of herself in her early days…and I didn’t have any. How would I explain that to her? What would I say? And how would she feel, knowing that the reason that there were no pictures of us together was because of my own insecurity? I knew right away that I wanted to tell her a different story and it was in that moment that I decided to find a way to capture our family, in our truest form and to do so in an artistic way.

Documentary photography, has been a window into a whole new way of seeing my life. It has made me crave more authentic and genuine moments, causing me to celebrate the ordinary. Whether it is dinners around the table, hours spent fixing up your first home or watching your little people grow and learn, THESE are the moments that you want to remember because they weave together to represent the fabric of your life. These memories should be the ones that decorate your home and tell YOUR story.

I believe the best family portraits are the ones that show the uniqueness of your story, both in calm and in the chaos.

These are the snapshots of your daily life. Let’s make them permanent.

Popular Sessions

Storytelling Session

It is no hidden truth that time moves CRAZY fast and because of this, it’s so important to make it a priority to document everyday moments. Whether it’s pancake breakfasts, splashing in the tub, dancing in the kitchen, or reading together, each of those moments matter because they make up giant parts of your season. This is a perfect opportunity to capture your everyday rhythms and tell YOUR story.

Creator Session

This one is for the artists, crafters, business owners, or do-ers. You spend your days interacting with customers, perfecting your skills, and doing bookwork. You’re crafting a legacy, and I want to tell each part of that journey. When you tell others the story of doing what you love, you’re going to want some behind-the-scenes pictures to share.

Legacy Series

A legacy series is a collection of mini-sessions, each one unpacking a part of someone’s story. This is a great package to gift a friend, family member, or role model to honor their uniqueness. Are they a parent, spouse, teacher, volunteer? Do they love fishing or painting or cooking? Instead of just honoring one of their roles, this type of photo series gives a closer glimpse of the various pieces that make up the full picture.

Like each story, each photography package is unique and will vary by price.

Let me know your vision. Share some of your heart. Together we will create the perfect package for you.