a few more details…

  • How long will a session take?

    • A typical session is an hour long, give or take. If we’re in the middle of something fun, I’m comfortable sticking around a bit longer to ensure we get all the right shots!

  • Our family is ordinary, what will you even photograph?

    • Ordinary moments are what I’m all about! But to help ensure we get the right photos, I’ll send you a client guide before our session to help prepare you. This will include some tips on how to keep all of your people happy as well as some activity ideas to have on the back-burner just in case.

  • What should I wear?

    • These photos are meant to be a snapshot of your actual, everyday life. Wear what you feel the most comfortable in! If we’re photographing your family on a lazy Saturday morning, wear your normal Saturday clothes.

  • How should I pay?

    • Payment is due by the end of each session and can be made via cash, check or Venmo!

      Still have questions, send me a message!