Rustic Wooden Console

Dillon and I have always enjoyed gift-giving and trying to creatively use our skills and talents to give to others.  So it came to no surprise to me that when my sister and now brother-in-law got engaged, Dillon asked if he could make them something for a wedding gift.  They could pick it out and design it to fit their needs, and he was given a fun project to work on.  Perfect trade.

The inspiration for this project was a combination of style and colors found on Pinterest.  The couple we worked with really like lighter and fresh designs with a hint of nostalgia.  The dimensions were also customized to fit their new space, so we used our Ikea bookshelf (turned on its side) as a benchmark measurement for this piece.  The top was comprised of reclaimed lathe from a historic home in Harrisburg and the body of the console was made of pine with mahogany trim.  

As you can see based on the finished product, this piece is a wonderful addition to their first home together.  Hopefully this wooden console will be a permanent fixture in their new family for years to come!  

2017-03-10 16.37.45-2.jpg
Ashley Sider