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Let me just start by saying this. We never really meant to start a business.  We just fell in love with the story we were writing as a family and wanted to tell it in the best way possible.  I started taking photos of our life and Dillon started to make our space a place that worked for our family. It felt important, to honor what we were doing everyday, within our four walls, because it would matter in the legacy of our family.

And then, over time, we realized that those things were important to other people as well.

Kinfolk describes how we approach our work. Throughout our process, we want you to feel like family, knowing and believing that you are receiving our very best. We want to create your space and photograph your story in a way that feels honest and genuine, as if we’re long-time friends who are excited to celebrate ordinary life with you. We want our clients to feel known as we capture and create in some of your most sacred spaces. Our hope is that through working together, you will come to love your story, and the legacy you are crafting within your home.

Your story matters and we’re honored to help you tell it.