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Humble Pie.

Ever since I became a Mom,  I've just been eating big, bountiful pieces of good 'ole Humble Pie.  Seriously.  When I had my baby they should've just given me a fork and bib along with the mesh undies and spray bottle.  And I went into motherhood with a fair amount of confidence.  I was NOT going to let Nora sleep in our bed.  She had her own crib and was going to stay put there, but its amazing what you change your stance on at 2 in the morning.  I caved.  More than once.  And…

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Because Sometimes Dreams Change

I once heard someone say that the most powerful two words in the English language are "Me too".  I never knew the gravity of what that meant until I became a parent.  Countless hours have been spent searching for answers to the weirdest questions, all in the hopes of connecting with another parent who has had a similar experience.  Things like…

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Creativity and Fear

When I was younger, I was so unbelievably cautious.  I didn't like roller-coasters.  I hated going into the ocean.  I didn't particularly like going too fast or letting others drive or exploring new places without a map.  Scary movies?  Nope.  I was perfectly content, staying home, sitting on the sidelines, and playing it safe.  If there was any potential risk involved, I wasn't not interested…

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