Pushing Through Doubt

When I started this blog, almost 7 years ago, I had one purpose in mind. I wanted a place to share about my semester abroad to my friends and family. And through the weeks and months that I was in India, this blog became a bit more than just updates, but was a deeper place where I could process my thoughts and reflect on my journey.

And now, this blog and website as a whole has continued to grow into something much more than thoughts on a page, but rather my family’s approach to how we desire to live life and inspire others. Kinfolk represents bigger dreams and visions and goals of what we believe are core and foundational values that will enhance how families function within their space. And to be honest, sometimes the thought of what this space could be gives me all of the happy butterflies.

But sometimes, maybe more often than I would like to admit, I struggle with imposter syndrome and continuously find myself comparing my work to the work of others. My blog posts aren’t as witty or informative as they could be. Our photos aren’t always as professional as I wish they were. What we want to offer and what we have capacity for are often misaligned.

As a creator, I struggle with doubt constantly.

But then I think about my “why”. I think about the joy and energy this business has brought into my marriage. I think about the excitement that comes from not knowing where this journey will take us. I think about the importance of home and space and families and stories and photographing those moments and to be honest, it brings tears to my eyes almost every time.

Kinfolk, for me, is much more than a bundle of possibilities, but is a reflection of what our family values and deeply longs for each other family to embrace. We want others to embrace their space and their story and celebrate each and every part of it. And if something we create from wood or something I capture with a camera helps celebrate that story more fully, then we’ve done our job.

So, if you’re like me and you also find yourself doubting your purpose or your dream, think about all that we risk if we listen to those voices. And at the end of the day, if all Kinfolk does is bring joy to our family, than I think that’s ok too.

Keep pushing through the doubt dear reader, because your dream is too important to let it dwindle.

Ashley Sider