An Ode to Family Business

You may not know this about us, but Dillon and I are both the products of family-owned businesses. Dillon’s family owns Sider Brother Builders, and my Mom, Aunt, and Grandma have all been business owners at one point or another. Together, we’ve seen parents and extended family come together around possibility and hard work. We’ve experienced what it means to work late nights and early morning and weekends. We’ve seen people we love pave the way in industries that matter to them.

I think the Lord planted in us, long before we ever knew it, a desire to serve others in a meaningful way through our own business. And what a ride it has been.

When starting and maintaining a business, there are so many unseen steps to take to lay a foundation (and make sure you don’t get in trouble with the government). There are late nights filled with paperwork, days of meetings and hours spent researching and emailing and trying to learn everything you can from others who are already thriving. There are countless hours spent on websites and logos and photos and the “face” of the business, not to mention the time spent perfecting the skill you are trying to offer. It takes immense dedication to be an enterpreneur and I’m extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to honor the work of other business through photography. My hope is always that the images I capture can be a tool used to tell a story of something much greater and that through seeing these images, both business owners and clients can come to appreciate the legacy being written through being an entrepreneur.


Shown Below: Taylor Chip Cookie Co., Owners: Dougie & Sara Taylor

Shown Below: Lori’s Lunch Wagon, Owner: Lori Ober

Shown Below: Kinfolk Company, Owners: Dillon & Ashley Sider

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Ashley Sider