5 Tips for Fall Decorating

Lately, I’ve been such a sucker for “nesting”. Before we had a home of our own, I put very little effort into making our spaces “homey”. I never quite understood why people would put so much time and effort into paint colors and switching out decor based on the season. But over the past year, I’ve come to realize just how important it is for your home to be a place that you love and a place that works well for your family,

Out of all of the seasons, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE FALL. I shamelessly started decorating at the very beginning of September and have no shame. There is something so cozy and nostalgic about the Fall season; hay rides, oversized sweaters, chilly nights, candles and fires. Fall ushers in the permission to bundle up and stay indoors and eat things that make you feel warm inside. So I pulled together some basic tips for decorating for fall to inspire and encourage you as transform your space to match the season.

1) Use what you have: When I started to pull together my fall finds, I remembered a box I had in our basement of items we used at our wedding. There were loads of frames, vases, lace, wood slices, and old books that were perfect for tying together a mix of new and contemporary with timeless vintage pieces.

2) Use what you can find: One of the best things about decorating for fall is the abundance of natural resources at your disposal. Most of the time, the “meat” of my decor will stay the same, but I will switch out the “filler” pieces. The pine cones I used are from a house down the street when we lived in Ontario and the fuzzy stems are from a plant outside of our church. (Disclaimer-the wheat was purchased at Michael’s because frankly I was too impatient to wait for the fields to change). Get creative and see what little pieces might be readily available right outside your door.

3) Use what you’re already using: In our home, I have a few staple pieces that are always around, mostly because I love the look of them. I always have lanterns and books and ironstone pitchers, but how and where I use them might change based on the season. I’ll fill up our pitchers with flowers in the spring and summer, but highlight the lanterns and books more during the fall. No need for a complete change, just switch around what you already have.

4) Use different colors and textures: You’ll notice that this year I opted for more greens, creams, and earthy tones, but the way that I brought all of those colors together is varied. I absolutely love textured pumpkins and have had so much fun scouting different items to add to my little patch. Don’t be afraid to add in elements of wood or glass or fabric when it comes to pumpkins. It only makes things more unique!

5) Use what you love: The most important tip I have is to use what you love. If your thing is bright orange pumpkins or scarecrows or yards of buffalo plaid, you do you. What matters is that you love your space when you walk in the door. A lot of meaningful and important things will happen everyday within your space, so take time to make your space a place that you love.

There you have it! Those are just a few of my personal tips for decorating for fall. What are your go-to items for changing up your space for the upcoming season?